Miniature art as greeting cards.

I am beginning a new series of a miniature art pieces in a form of a Greeting card. I enjoy painting with watercolors on a small scale. The cards are painted on the 5×7 in Strathmore cold press watercolor paper. The paintings are mostly quick sketches of the landscapes, seasonal sceneries, and some images of the wild life/birds.

waterfall watercolors

river watercolors

early evening watercolors

at the park watercolors

at the lake watercolors

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Art journal page 76 “Life is like riding a bicycle”

riding a bike

Mixed media acrylic painting. I was experimenting with the color combination. Once I clipped from the magazine a little piece of the painting (partial image of the bicycles) with the attractive color palette: Lemon yellow-Orange (Cadmium Red light hue)-Navy blue. There are Black and White paints in the mix of these colors, too. I collaged the magazine clipping to my background and painted the rest of the bicycles’ shapes. Then I painted the rest of the piece to illustrate the inspirational quote from A. Einstein: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance, you must keep moving”.

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Whimsical Horse painting. Art journal page 75.

horse mixed media

This page was created as intuitive painting. Background is collaged with newspapers (previously sprayed with black paint) and tape transfer. This little image gave me the color combination of Blue+ Orange, which is one of my favorite on the color wheel. I added the wash of blue acrylic paint to the background, then stamped orange squares using acrylic paint and foam stamp to repeat the orange color on the tape transferred image. The last step – loosely sketched the horse’s face. I like when background becomes a part of the main image.

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Landscape scenery in Art journal.

I like using landscape scenery for inspirational pages in my Art journal. In the process I practice my color mixing and brushwork as a warm up for the actual painting on canvas. So I treat my Art journal more like a Sketch book, or an Idea book.

If you have read my older posts, you know that my current Art journal is a Junk journal, in which I constructed, prepared all pages using junk and leftovers of different materials.

This page (#74) was collaged with book pages and packing tape random transferred image from the old envelop in which I received a piece of Mail Art once. Acrylic paint is used for the painting itself.

sunset art journal

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Intuitive painting and negative painting technique.”Bird’s power” art journal page.

I am continuing exploring mixed media techniques in my Art journal. After finishing my Project for a month in June (adding 30 pages with faces) today I’m sharing my page #73 “Bird’s power”.

  1. Painted background with acrylics.
  2. Collaged with painted and printed telephone book pages.
  3.  Painted and stenciled with acrylics, adding more layers of colors and textures.

Every next layer I used complementary colors (found as opposite on the color wheel. For example, after painting with Yellow/Orange – use Blue/Purple etc).

4 .Intuitively outlined and painted negative space around the bird shape (I didn’t plan to create a bird image; it just “appeared” in the busy background).

5. Painted bird and flowers.

6. Added another wash in negative space.

I like seeing all the layers!

mixed media Bird

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Project for a month is completed and the winner for the giveaway art sample is…

Thank you to all of you who supported and encouraged me during this Project for a Month. Every comment was meaningful to me and very much appreciated!

To mark the finishing point of the Project I had offered a giveaway art sample, and a lucky winner is…

 Karen Conner from ! Congratulations!

Miniature mixed media painting is going from my studio to yours:

Acrylic painting on cotton fabric

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Project for a month “Find a face” final page:face 30.

Here is the final page # 30 for the July 2013 Project for a month! When I started this challenge (“finding “a face in my random prepared backgrounds-Art journal pages) I was wondering if I would have enough imagination and creativity to work on the same subject every day. Now, after 30 days and 30 finished pages, I have even more ideas and certainly will continue exploring the Face as a subject in my future art work. After following this challenge/exercise for a month, I think, I have developed with my own style of face painting/creating/finding. I can see repeated elements in every face I have created, even though I really did my best to make each one of them different and unique.

Art journal page “Explore”.
face 30

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Art journal page “In child’s eyes”. Project for a month “Find a face”: face 29.

face  29Mixed media acrylic painting.

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Art journal page “Dream and believe”. Project for a month “Find a face”: face 28.

face 28 The background for this page was gessoed, collaged, stamped and stencilled, then collaged over again with fibers,and recycled  tea bags. Face is painted with acrylics.

The quote for the page reads:” To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe” (Anatole France).

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Art journal 2 pages spread “Connected”. Project for a month “Find a face”: face 27

Two pages spread, mixed media acrylic painting. This piece is inspired by the Leonardo da Vinci quote: “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else”.face 27 spread
Left side closer:face 27 left

Right side closer:face 27 right


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