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From time to time I will offer here some give away samples of my art to the active members of the blog.

There are many controversial opinions about “free art” between professional artists. Some even get very angry finding fellow artists giving away their art for free understanding this act of kindness as stupidity or desperation.

My reasons are very simple. As an artist with some level of unique skills I wish to inspire and encourage others to explore the magical world of art. I want to share my skills/techniques/tips etc. I am learning and improving my abilities continuously and accumulating big number of practice sketches, quick studies around my studio. All these art samples are not a “sale” quality but good enough to keep, to show the technique, to learn from it.

Followers/members of this blog are not indifferent to art and creativity, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? I hope you also agree that not everything should have a price tag.

   Would you like to receive an art sample from me?

For the June 2013 I set a challenge for myself to paint faces every day. Whimsical and realistic, colorful and monochromatic, using variety of my favorite mediums. I am offering a miniature (4×4 in) acrylic painting on cotton fabric for this month:Girl with owl_0001

In order to win you have to be an active member (follower) of the Artfully Imperfect blog and leave a comment on the “Find a face” project post/s. Every time you leave a comment I put a ticket with your name in a jar. On the last day of June 2013 I will randomly choose the winner of the art sample. Note: you cannot be a winner every month. If you have already received a giveaway from me this year, I will choose the next player.


For the April 2013 I will be hosting a challenge for the Art Journalers group at and create a one of a kind piece of art as a GIVEAWAY for my Blog readers. It will be a small study for the challenge. The theme is “Grid painting method”.

To take part in the giveaway draw, you must be an active member of this website/blog and live a comment during the month of April for this post to put your name on the list.

Work in progress:Grid painting “Green Apple”(acrylics on cotton canvas board).

Step 1. Create a grid (for this painting I used only the Primary colors mixing them in different combinations ).

grid painting

Step 2. Choose the subject of your painting. Mine will be Green Apple. Explore your subject in different settings, angles, parts (I am going to cut the apple into pieces for the reference).

Step 3.Paint your subject in each section of the grid, treating each area as a separate composition.

This is the final image, ready to be framed:

Grid painting Green Apple


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