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I made this tutorial for readers of the Fei-Fan Balzer Blog and wanted to share with you. Enjoy:


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Tunnel book.

This is a project for the Cloth paper scissors magazine challenge. I didn’t find a lot of info or tutorials on the topic in internet and decided to share my experience in the process of creating my first tunnel book.

I wanted to make it as a Greeting/Art card/Tunnel book.

Materials used:

Strathnore 140 lb watercolor paper for the pages,

card board and magazine pages for the cover,

Studio 71 textured canvas paper for the sides – accordion fold,

acrylic paint,

watercolor paint,

Aleens Tacky glue,

Black acid free archival waterproof ink for stamping the quote,

Liquitex Gloss super heavy gel to attach broken seashells and mica fragments ,

Elastic line,

paint chips,

cotton thread,

Aleen’s 7800.

Step 1.

Measure and cut your pages. I decided to have 6 pages for the tunnel and 1 on the left inside part of the cover to leave it blank for a future personal message. I used Watercolor paper and paper cutter to make 7 pages 5×7 in.

Step 2.

Sides of the tunnel book.

I used textured canvas paper. From the 9×12 in paper pad I cut two strips 5×12 in with the paper cutter. The same tool I used for the perfect scoring of the accordion fold: I used a stencil stylist tool and paper cutter to score the paper every 1/2 of an inch. I painted one exterior side of the accordion with acrylics.

e 1

e 2


Step 3.


After creating a quick sketch – painting of the seascape I decided on the each page design – part of the painting to create a panoramic view. All pages are painted with acrylics. First I painted the main background – the very last page which later will be attached to the back cover of the book. I repeated painting of the sky and water on the next 3 pages. They all have a slight variation of colors witch I especially like. It creates dynamic, just like in real life: the sky and sea water is constantly changing before your eyes. Page 2 and the very first/front page were painted the last.

After all 6 pages were painted I cut out every page accept the page #6 – the background. I used a craft knife and craft mat. Every next page is cut closer to the horizon line to create a sense of distance. On the sides of the pages I left 1/2 inch frame, to match 1/2 inch fold of the accordion.

One more page will be attached on the left side of the book cover. I painted it with watercolors mimicking the sky colors of the book. Later this page can be used for a personal message if the book will be presented as a gift/greeting/Art card.

Step 4.

Hard cover.

I cut 2 pieces of card board from the cereal boxes (recycling!) slightly larger than my book pages. To create texture I crumpled two magazine pages and wrapped it around the card board using tacky glue. When the glue was dry I painted the cover with several layers of acrylics: Americana brand black green, avocado, green mist. Every previous layer must be dry. Apply the 2nd and 3d layers using dry brushing technique. I added a little metallic gold color in some spots (Venetian Gold by Decorart).

Step 5.


I marked on the both strips of the accordion the placement of the first 5 pages. Start gluing from the first page. Tacky glue worked fine for me. I like that there is a time for the adjustments in positioning of the pages.



I attached all pages 1 through 6 to the sides – accordion. In my case the finished tunnel is about 1/2 in thick in pressed position, so I just used a part of the side-accordion on the left for the distance between the back and front cover – the spine of the book. I cut off left over of the accordion on the right side and attached the page 6 (background) to the back cover using the same tacky glue. I let the book dry under the press.

e 5

After that I attached the spine to the front cover and lined it from inside with my extra page painted previously with watercolors. I left the finished book dry under the press.

E-side accordion fold

E-tunnel 1

E-tunnel 2

Step 6.

Decorating the front cover.

I used a cut out piece of painted watercolor paper – left over from the cutting the tunnel pages. With acid -free archival waterproof black ink I stamped the quote:”We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails” and attached it to the cover with the tacky glue. With Gloss super heavy gel I attached crashed seashells and mica fragments for the textured and dimensional interest.

E-cover 2

I wanted to make the book stay closed tight and for this purpose I created a closure using elastic line. I cut squares from paint chips, stapled and sandwiched the elastic line and papers using glue and stitching. The square is attached to the cover with the strong glue 7800.

The Tunnel book/Art card is completed and closed tight. It is secure now to put a gift card inside, if the book will be presented as a gift.


What a fun project! Try it!




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