New Chunky book pages(mixed media)

Two years ago I started collecting 4″x4″  Chunky book pages on certain themes. Usually these pieces of art are done in variety of mixed media techniques. Pages are thick and sturdy with dimensional embellishments .

This week I created 4 pages for an “Altered woman” SWAP (exchange).

For the first page “Endless rain” I used paper and tissue collage, stamping and acrylic painting on a card board. Image is sealed with satin varnish.

The second page “Life of a butterfly” is also a mixed media collage with acrylic painting on a cardboard. Image is sealed with Golden Extra heavy Gel(Semi-Gloss).

Chunky page #3 “Marvel” is a mixed -media acrylic painting on a cardboard wrapped with cotton fabric. On this piece I practiced varnishing finished acrylic painting with the Golden MSA Varnish with UVLS (Satin) . It is a new material in my hands and I am really pleased with the result: the varnish has thick consistency , but easy to spread on surface, dried well overnight, the finished look has a pleasant satin (not too glossy) sheen. Now it is my favorite varnishing product.

For the chunky page #4 I made a painted foil background first. The title of this piece is “Evidence of beauty”. I sealed this page with Americana DuraClear satin varnish.

About Artfully imperfect

Oksana Tepp was born in Ukraine. Currently resides in USA, Washington state. Married, mother of three sons. Native Russian speaker. Russian Language Instructor and translator/interpreter by former education/profession. Full time mixed media artist since 2010.
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2 Responses to New Chunky book pages(mixed media)

  1. Pam McVay says:

    You are really good at faces. I like all of the art above! Keep it up.

  2. LindyLu says:

    These are terrific! Whoever gets these in the swap is very lucky.

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