Face # 15 , art journal page. Project for a month.

face 15

For the June 14th here is the face # 14.This page had some bright and busy painted background (originally the paper was used to clean up brushes, stencil, stamps etc). If you have read older posts, you know that the idea of the project is to “find a face”. I “found” the face of a child in the existing shades of the background. I left the bottom part of the background showing as is and glazed the top part around the face with translucent yellow paint. It is an acrylic painting.

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About Artfully imperfect

Oksana Tepp was born in Ukraine. Currently resides in USA, Washington state. Married, mother of three sons. Native Russian speaker. Russian Language Instructor and translator/interpreter by former education/profession. Full time mixed media artist since 2010.
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2 Responses to Face # 15 , art journal page. Project for a month.

  1. Gina says:

    Great face and i love the multi-colored hair!

  2. LindyLu says:

    Such a sweet face. You balance everything so perfectly. This is a great series you are creating!:)

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