“Find a face” #9. Abstract portrait.

Portrait#9 in my Art journal for today (Project for a month “Find a face”) is actually mixed media acrylic painting. Page was primed with toned gesso (I mixed gesso and green acrylic paint). There were some random spots of green and black paint around the page, I just left it. Even though the spots appeared on the face area, I think it just adds to the abstraction of the painting. I have “found” the face in the shades of the colored background .Face 8 Abstract portrait

I also used DIY styrofoam stamps with acrylic paint to add some design on the otherwise plain background.

DIY styrofoam stamps

Black mesh is a piece of window screen adhered with the gloss heavy gel. I like adding textures and found object to my art, but in Art journal I try to use more flat, less dimensional embellishments.


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Oksana Tepp was born in Ukraine. Currently resides in USA, Washington state. Married, mother of three sons. Native Russian speaker. Russian Language Instructor and translator/interpreter by former education/profession. Full time mixed media artist since 2010.
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