Marc Shagall inspired Art journal page 36.


Marc Shagall inspired

This page is created as a part of the “Modern Masters challenge”at¬†. For the Aprill¬†13 it is Marc Shagall. Often people ask the question:”What is so special about Chagall’s art? Any 1st grader can paint like this !” I would say, you have to learn more about the time when Marc Shagall made his name. He was always unique, one and only, even it seems like his work is so easy to copy. The main thing I like about Chagall’s art is his use of colors and Color theory.


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Oksana Tepp was born in Ukraine. Currently resides in USA, Washington state. Married, mother of three sons. Native Russian speaker. Russian Language Instructor and translator/interpreter by former education/profession. Full time mixed media artist since 2010.
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  1. LindyLu says:

    Yummy colors & I love the Marc Chagall quote…so true!!

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