Whimsical style painting.

Today I would like to share a series of whimsical miniature paintings (4in x4 in).

The subject of my study is an Owl. I attempted to create different whimsical images of Owl using variety of mixed-media techniques. One of them – using the Torn telephone pages collage technique I described in my tutorial here: http://balzerdesigns.typepad.com/

Painting in whimsical style is a real challenge for me. It is much more easier to create a realistic image. For example, here are several realistic paintings of the same subject –Owl.

flying owl painting

owl painting close up

owl portrait

Owl's eyes

How to achieve a whimsical look? The main idea is to add an element of surprise, but still have a recognizable image as a result.

1. Use unexpected colors for the object

2. Make unusual eyes

3. Simplify shapes

So far I created 7 images. “Sleeping owl” and “Girl with an Owl” are my favorite. I used paper collage, variety of cotton fabrics for collage elements, painted on fabric laminated to the cardboard, or directly on a gessoed cardboard. Pinted with acrylics.I plan to mount the paintings on  a bigger size painted wooden boards for display.

Girl with owl_0001


sleeping owl

whimsical owl_0002

whimsical owl garden party

whimsical owl on a tree

whimsical owl with flowers

whimsical snowy owl

And just for fun.. different object: a quick study of Whimsical cat in a hat.

cat in a hat

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Oksana Tepp was born in Ukraine. Currently resides in USA, Washington state. Married, mother of three sons. Native Russian speaker. Russian Language Instructor and translator/interpreter by former education/profession. Full time mixed media artist since 2010.
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