Art journal page 21. Acrylic painting over paper collage.


I have accumulated too much left overs from my scrapbooking activity. Cannot make myself to throw away all those little bits of pretty acid-free printed and textured papers, even when the pieces are too small and practically useless. I decided to try using all those odd pieces of scrapbooking paper leftovers and cut outs in my art. For the practicing, of cause, I would first create an Art journal page. This is how I came up with my page 21 : acrylic painting over collaged background.

First step is to cover all page (the base) with the scraps and cut outs , scrapbooking paper leftovers. I used Liquitex Matte medium as adhesive. Let it dry.

Step two is to paint a wash of acrylics. I simply diluted white and blues with water and covered the background, unifying the colors of collage papers.

Step three. Paint your image, add journaling (I prefer quotes).

The quote for the page is by Rabindranath Tagore:” You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water”.

I am pleased with the result. The idea of using scrapbooking paper as collage paper for the fine art piece is good, because scrapbooking paper is archival.

mixed-media acrylic painting over paper collage 21

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