“Essence “. Painting as a commission. Challenging experience In 5 steps.

 “Essence ”                                                                  24×30 in mixed media acrylic painting with gold leafing on stretched canvas. Sold.               The painting was commissioned. I have received some requests to be considered: the size, the medium, which is acrylics due to the limited time frame to create the painting. Painting had to be textured and include the gold leaf. The artwork has to be contemporary but inspired by Da Vinci … also “would be nice to include some local cityscape “… wow! How could I pull this thing off ?!! Have I mentioned, I had only several days to complete the task ?!  Well, I started by little steps…. At first the layout was created with some mixed media elements. Step 2- blocked some lights and darks, added some texture. Step 3- working on the background layers , defining the focal points. Step 4- unifying all layers by blending background and foreground, adding more layers of texture and glazed gold leaf . Step 5 – more gold leafing added, the face is more highlighted. More blending and finishing touches. After painting “rested”/ cured for 48 hours it was varnished with protective semi gloss finish.  I was satisfied with the final result. Now it was the moment of truth… I had to present this painting to my client and hope that I have created something that will be close to the original expectation… Now I can say, I was SO relieved when my painting was accepted with more enthusiasm than I have hoped for!! Ah, I think,it was the most challenging task I have ever had so far..

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Experimenting with Pebeo paints. Part 3.

Mixed media contemporary original art

 “Dance”  Original art,mixed media on cradled panel.                                                                                                         For this painting I have applied the Pebeo paints using  paint brushes. I have tried the pouring technique before taking advantage of the honey consistency of the Pebeo paints.  I just wanted to have more control of the medium this time. It works! It is possible to add some intricate details to the painting. The tip is to be patient and wait between layers because the pint is still trying to run an mix. The paints I used are oil and water based. This is how the chemical reaction between paints creates interesting effects. The texture of the painting is created using collage technique and some acrylic texture medium. Dark spots on water are created with mica flakes which adds some dimension .

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“Crimson poppy”.Exploring Pebeo paints.Part 2.

Work in progress                                                                                                                                                      This painting started as an experiment. Golden texture medium was applied to stretched cotton canvas with a palette knife to create a raised surface for the large flower petals.For the background I used Golden fluid acrylic paints. Oil based Pebeo paints were applied as the final layer to create an interesting and unexpected effects on the focal point. I was pleased with the fact that there is the way to control this running medium.

 PS. This painting is sold.

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Exploring new medium.Pebeo paints. Part1.

I like a glossy finished look of artwork done with resin,but I do not like working with toxic industrial types of materials and the fact that resin will yellow with time. I have read about Pebeo brand on-line and recently finally had chance to purchase a good collection of variety of Pebeo oil based , glass and ceramic paints. At first I used pouring technique being mesmerized by unusual and unpredictable designs created by simply chemical reaction of the paints. After few experiments I have learned how to control the paints and create more defined shapes.I used stretched canvas as a surface.img_0056 img_0057 img_0058 img_0059Mixed media game begins: I am officially obsessed with Pebeo paints!

“Coexistence ” Large abstract painting

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Mixed media delight




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Original watercolors

Original watercolors


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watercolor landscape sketches on rough paper

reflection landscape painting excersize

I just had to try some simple landscape painting exercises to see how my new set of paint will work on new paper. If you paint with watercolors, you know how different results can be achieved when you use different paper or pigments. This time I have rough surface 96lb paper. Lifting technique doesn’t work well on this paper. I wouldn’t use it for my final artwork, but it is good enough for quick sketches or even miniature paintings as Art cards. Ideas for the sketches were offered by one of many free lessons you can find in internet (I hope I will locate it again to be able to give a credit to the author). I find it interesting to see how other artists teach and share their tips.


rocky shoretree trunk


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Next Art Journal page-simple landscape sketch

Continue painting in my Art journal. I like textured surface, so at first I applied Flexible Modeling Paste to the paper with palette knife. Let it dry completely. This medium dries very fast on paper. Then I painted a primitive landscape sketch with acrylics. For my exercising I mixed all different green colors. For this painting I used only primary colors and white.

art journal page

art journal page


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Turn your landscape sketches into greeting cards

Watercolors are one of the best mediums for quick landscape sketches. More often our sketches are just simplified captures of the nature scenes or objects. They may not be perfect or completely finished work of art, but a quick impression with a certain mood and essential color reference. I decided to try creating my landscape sketches on folded pieces of watercolor paper to save them as a collection of suggestions for my future landscape paintings and with the idea of turning them later into one of a kind original Greeting cards set.distant trees watercolor sketchfall landscape river shore watercolor sketchwaterfall watercolor sketch

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Hand painted greeting cards


Quick sketch in watercolors is one of the best ways to create a handmade greeting card, because the bare minimum of time and materials needed. I like creating winter sceneries and winter bird’s images for the Winter season greeting cards.Originalpaintings-greeting cards watercolors 5x7in $12-$20

I use acid free Strathmore watercolor Blank cards with plain envelopes.

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